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Precision Planting Solutions for Spacing, Placement & Depth

Meter Control - New Planter Not Required

Ag Leader's SureDrive planting system is a game-changer for farmers looking to achieve consistent planting depth and spacing, regardless of soil type or conditions. Featuring SureForce hydraulic downforce with uplift and individual Row Section Control, SureDrive is effective for both variable rate and prescription-based planting and automatically adjusts meter speed on each row to ensure a consistent population around turns and contours, making it a top choice for precision planting.

Get Consistent Planting Depth and Higher Yields With SureForce

Ag Leader's SureForce planting system features the most powerful hydraulic downforce with uplift on the market, allowing for instant response to changing conditions and maintaining planting depth in even the toughest environments. Ideal for no-till conditions, varying soil types, heavy residue, and compacted areas, SureForce gives each row the exact pressure needed for precise planting, making it a no-brainer for farmers seeking maximum yield potential.

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Connect with us to transform your planting operation and maximize yield potential with Ag Leader's precision planting systems.

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