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Ag GPS Receivers Guidance Systems from Ag Leader

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GPS 7500

Ag Leader's planting product lineup is designed to deliver higher yields through accuracy and efficiency. Replace your outdated chain or cable drive solutions. Gain consistent planting depth across the variety of crops you grow. Trust Ag Leader's planting products to take your planting season to the next level.

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GPS 7000

This ag GPS receiver is an affordable option for growers looking for general mapping and AutoSwath functions. It offers scalable differential correction from GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS up to TerraStar C Pro, making it a versatile option for various needs.

Understanding Accuracy Levels in Ag GPS Guidance Systems

  • WAAS/EGNOS - Free regional correction source, 6”-8” pass-to-pass accuracy

  • TerraStar-L - Global subscription-based correction source, 6”-8” pass-to-pass accuracy, 15” repeatability, sub 5-minute convergence times

  • TerraStar-C Pro - Global subscription-based correction source, 1” pass-to-pass accuracy, 5-minute convergence time, plus multi-constellation support and triple L-beam tracking

  • TerraStar-X - Regional subscription-based correction source, sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy, sub 1 minute convergence time, plus multi-constellation support, triple L-beam tracking and for RTK from the Sky

  • RTK - correction via Base Station or NTRIP, sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy, InCommand displays have built-in NTRIP compatibility for networks and AgFiniti through a single cellular data

Ag Auto Steer Systems from Ag Leader

SteerCommand Z2

Combined with Command 1200 and an Ag Leader GPS receiver this ag auto steer system gives you steering controls for planting, application, harvest and more. SteerCommand delivers sub-inch repeatable accuracy correction and line-holding performance even in rolling ground, waterways and ditches.

Ag Leader SteadySteer Auto Steer.png

Controlled by Ag Leader’s InCommand displays this assisted steering system is an economic option that fits most vehicles including those with no hydraulic steer controls or machines not steer-ready. Paired with a GPS receiver to achieve pass-to-pass accuracy in planting, application and harvest.

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Maximize your field efficiency and productivity with Ag Leader's GPS and auto steering products. Connect with us to learn more.

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