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Application Technology from Ag Leader


A revolutionary control system for your sprayer that breaks the bond between speed and pressure, taking your sprayer to the next level of accuracy and performance. With automatic nozzle-by-nozzle swath control and turn compensation, Ag Leader's system ensures that the right amount of spray reaches every part of your field while reducing the risk of drift to neighboring crops. Regardless of your speed or curve in your path, RightSpot delivers an accurate application.

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InCommand provides instant visibility in the cab of your sprayer's performance, and everything is automatically synced to all your devices through AgFiniti. AutoSwath reduces overapplication and product waste providing greater control over where you apply your product. On-screen monitoring of droplet size ensures that products are applied appropriately, allowing you to dial in the ideal pressure setting for your application. Boom pressure and droplet size data are automatically logged and mapped.

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Take your sprayer to the next level of accuracy and performance with Ag Leader. Connect to learn more.

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