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We Personally Use Ag Leader Precision Ag Solutions,
You Should Too.

As a company that shares Ag Leader's values, we are proud to offer their innovative solutions to growers in North Dakota and Minnesota. Ag Leader's Midwestern roots and focus on meeting the needs of their customers align with our own mission to prioritize the success of our farming community. With Ag Leader products, we've seen firsthand the positive impact on our farms year after year. Whether you need precision farming tools, guidance systems, or other field-related products, Ag Leader has a solution for every farm and field activity.


Trust us to provide you with the best in Ag Leader technology and customer service, on time and on budget. We have a passion for finding a solution that works for your operation, your machines and your goals. From sales and service to consulting and mapping, we are in your corner to help you improve your profit. Let us create a game plan of how to get you where you want to be in the future.

Farm Management Solutions

With Ag Leader's displays and precision farming software or app, producers have the tools to answer questions that drive the profitability of all their field activity. Learn more about the technology that gives you access to the data when and where you need it.

Precision Ag Planting Solutions

Ag Leader's planting product lineup is designed to deliver higher yields through accuracy and efficiency. Replace your outdated chain or cable drive solutions. Gain consistent planting depth across the variety of crops you grow. Trust Ag Leader's planting products to take your planting season to the next level.

Ag Guidance Systems

Bundle an Ag Leader GPS receiver with a InCommand display and precision ag solutions within planting, harvest and application to impact yield and profitability. Select from two models that provide entry-level guidance to high-accuracy guidance for all operations

Application Technology

Achieve consistent coverage and droplet size, even at high speeds, to ensure the right amount of product is applied while reducing the risk of drift to neighboring crops. Get instant visibility of your sprayer's performance in the cab with InCommand.

Ag Auto Steer Systems

Ag Leader's SteerCommand and SteadySteer are built to be powerful and smooth to quickly acquire and maintain the line even in tough terrain. Achieve pass-to-pass accuracy while reducing fatigue when working day and night. High-accuracy steering is made possible for any tractor.


Ag Leader led the charge in yield monitoring and today its aftermarket yield monitoring kit is installed on most combines made in the last 35 years. Rely on proven yield monitoring tools with real-time data for instant feedback among other connected InCommand displays and via the app.

Water Management

DIY drainage tiling has never been easier with Ag Leader's Intellislope and SMS Advanced. Even if you've never considered doing it yourself, now is the time to dive in and save money for your operation.

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